Ramlet Al Bayda For all

The beach of Ramlet Al-Bayda is the only remaining ‘public’ sandy beach in Beirut; it constitutes less than 10% of the length of Beirut’s seashore. While it is one of the major public spaces in the capital city of Lebanon it has gotten unsafe, polluted and about two-thirds of the land has become private property. This situation has opened doors to real-estate projects threatening public accessibility and use. In recent years, Ramlet al Bayda beach fell victim to illegal privatization with the construction of the Eden Bay Resort directly on its shore even though NAHNOO provided hard evidence of violations from the developer and corruption from the Governor’s office in place at that time.
NAHNOO identified three major issues hindering the beach’s sustainability and public access:

  • Pollution: Ramlet Al Bayda is a victim of heavy pollution that threatens public health and the existing marine ecosystem. The heavy pollution includes the trash that sporadically litters the beach and the sewage that is directly dumped into the water
  • Urban Identity and Connectivity: Although seaside practices have historically been a part of Beirut’s social, cultural, and economic identity, Ramlet el-Bayda is disconnected from the city’s urban fabric.
  • Safety and Management: certified lifeguards & safety indicators are absent, and necessary public equipment (e.g., umbrellas, chairs, trash cans) and infrastructure (e.g., changing rooms & showers, easily accessible entrances) are not readily available.

Campaign Goals

01. Put an end to pollution by implementing an updated and sustainable wastewater management plan for Beirut
02. Ensure Ramlet el-Bayda is a well-managed, safe, and clean space through the provision of quality and accessible services, providing the proper environment for the visitors
03. Remove the violations on Ramlet el-Bayda and forbid all future constructions
04. Promote Ramlet el-Bayda’s connectivity to the city

We advocate for the promotion of public spaces, accessible to all, which provide a place for those sharing Lebanon’s cities to come together regardless of their personal and social backgrounds. We believe that providing equal access to neutral public spaces fosters unity and encourages positive dialogue between different communities within Lebanese society.

Campaign Highlights

July 2013 - Feb 2014
Series of life skills and advocacy training workshops to 15 youth in Beirut

Mar 2014
Campaign publicly launched under the “Public Space, Public Life” program

April 2014
A giant picnic organized on Ramlet al Bayda beach joined by hundreds of families and youth from Beirut neighborhoods

July 2014
Public forum with decision-makers and Beirut citizens about the challenges of restoring and rehabilitating Ramlet El Bayda as a public beach

Apr-Sep 2015
NAHNOO publishes a statement in response to the judge's decision favoring a plot owner’s request to fence the beach off. Following the media outcry, the judge retracted her decision, keeping the beach open to the public.

Apr-Sep 2015
NAHNOO issues an official request to the Ministry of Environment for a study on Ramlet al Bayda beach and requesting its classification.

June 2015
Lantern Festival on the beach gathering thousands of people

Dec 2015
Public debate with Ministry of Public Works & Transportation on the issue of property on the Beirut coast

July 2017
Ramlet el Bayda put under study by the Municipality of Beirut following the Order of Engineer’s recommendations and campaign demands