Craftmanship in Bourj Hammoud

A mapping of 51 artisans Bourj Hammoud,looking at the challenges they face and the opportunities that exist for developing intangible cultural heritage in the area

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Craftmanship in Bourj Hammoud

Craftsmanship is an essential part of Lebanese history and identity, helping reshape various urban and rural contexts and supported the livelihoods of families and individuals over the years. Despite its important role in the country’s economic and social development, it remains a sector lost in translation, suspended between a public institutions’ negligence and a non-existent policy framework to support its development. As a result, this practice is gradually disappearing, thus placing Lebanon’s valuable intangible cultural heritage at risk.

In order to begin understanding the challenges that artisans face and potential entryways to support their work, NAHNOO led a participatory mapping and research in Bourj Hammoud, a neighborhood on the edges of administrative Beirut.

The Main Objectives of the study were :

1.Verify networks of craftsmen in the neighborhoodand promote their visibility

2.Raise awareness of Bourj Hammoud craftsmanship and intangible cultural heritage among the youth

3.Identify gaps on the policy level,and develop recommendations accordingly

NAHNOO trained 20 youth volunteers in research methodologies nd techniques, which they usedto administer and fill out detailed surveys.

The study focused on Marash neighborhood in Bourj Hammoud, as well as the edges of industrail areas that include Naba’a and EI-share’el-‘Arid Streets.

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