NAHNOO is a research, capacity building and advocacy platform for participatory public policy-making, working towards an inclusive society in Lebanon. Our focus mainly revolves around three main areas of intervention: Public Spaces, Good Governance and Arts & Cultural Heritage.

Nahnoo Activities

Horsh Beirut Competition Results

Nahnoo invites you, students and professionals (architects, landscape and urban designers, planners and other related environmental and urban design disciplines) to submit proposals for research, design and planning projects to unlock the potential of Horsh Beirut as a shared inclusive public space that will generate a sustainable and pedestrian friendly neighborhood.


Decentralization and Municipalities: Bridging the Gap between Rhetoric and Action

The term “decentralization” pervades Lebanese politics, echoing through speeches, slogans, and the work programs of various parties. Despite its omnipresence, its true and immediate significance, particularly in the context of municipal work, is often overlooked.   The past decade has ushered in tumultuous times for Lebanon, thrusting municipalities into the forefront with a weighty burden. […]

Nahnoo primée par la Fondation Ghazal et la Fondation de France

L’ONG Nahnoo, qui milite depuis 2009 pour la préservation des espaces publics et culturels au Liban, vient de remporter le prix annuel de la Fondation Ghazal pour l’éducation, la recherche et la paix au Liban.

Endangered nature reserves, pollution and private violations: Lebanon’s highly neglected seaside

Nahnoo is part of The Coast for All, a coalition which launched a campaign last month aiming to preserve and restore the public coast of Lebanon. The campaign has launched a petition to request an amendment to Law 64/2017 to “restrict the right to occupy marine public property to the Lebanese state only,” and to limit encroachments on public properties.

nahnoo Campaigns

The Coast for All

We are slowly losing our coast, and since the Lebanese coast is closely tied to our historynot only we are losing major public spaces, but also we are being deprived of part of our heritage identity.


Our Crafts, Our Identity

A campaign aiming to empower the marginalized handicrafts workers in Lebanon to participate in policy reform to better address their rights, needs, and concerns, and enhance their social protection.


Shams Initiative

“شمس”، الشعب مصدر السلطات، مجموعةٌ تضمّ هيئات وأفراداً مشاركين بالانتفاضة الشعبيّة غايتها الأولى خدمة هذه الانتفاضة في ارتقائها إلى مستوى الثورة. وذلك عبر تأمين الاتّصال والحوار والتنسيق في ما بين مكوّناتها وفي ما بين سائر الهيئات والأفراد، في اتّجاه توفير الإطار العادل لاختيار اللبنانيين الحرّ، مهما يكنْ ذلك الاختيار، في المستويات كافةً، من المستوى الشخصيّ الاجتماعيّ إلى المستوى الوطنيّ، مروراً بالمستوى السياسيّ والمستوى الاقتصاديّ.


Municipal Stadium

NAHNOO led a campaign “ليضل الملعب بلدي ” with the collaboration of Tarik El-Jdide residents to advocate against the decision of the municipality. Successfully, NAHNOO could stop the project.


Municipalities Under the Spotlight

Municipalities under the Spotlight is a campaign focused upon the promotion of transparency at the municipal level by publishing all municipal decisions online.


Horsh Beirut for All

Beirut is today a segregated and overcrowded city, with almost no public spaces. Horsh Beirut is the largest park in the capital.


Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raouche

NAHNOO joined the Civil Campaign to Protect the Dalieh of Raouche that emerged in March 2013 to advocate for the preservation of Dalieh as an inclusive and publicly accessible shared space for all and its classification as a natural reserve. The


Advocating for the preservation of Adloun Coast

The coast of Adloun is one of the few remaining sea turtle nesting grounds on the Lebanese coast. It is known for its archaeological and ecological significance and used to be the location of an ancient Phoenician port town.


Save the “Red House”

An advocacy campaign was led by the community and supported by NAHNOO through grassroots event, discussion, media to save the Red House


Baalbeck Temple…in the Heart of Baalbeck

NAHNOO launched the campaign ‘Baalbeck temples…in the heart of Baalbeck’ to economically and socially develop the city of Baalbeck by reconnecting the temple with its surroundings and enhancing the relation between the residents and the international festivals taking place inside the city’s temple.


Our Garden is our Image – Tyre

Beirut is today a segregated and overcrowded city, with almost no public spaces. Horsh Beirut is the largest park in the capital.


Ramlet Al Bayda For all

Ramlet al Bayda beach fell victim to illegal privatization with the construction of the Eden Bay Resort directly on its shore even though NAHNOO provided hard evidence of violations from the developer and corruption from the Governor’s office in place at that time.


Stop the Fouad Boutros Highway Coalition

Beirut is today a segregated and overcrowded city, with almost no public spaces. Horsh Beirut is the largest park in the capital.