Qrayeh Rural tourism strategy

The strategy outlined in this document follows the invitation of Nahnoo Ngo to elaborate an action plan in the frame of the UNDP project on social cohesion and economic development in the Qrayeh village. The project aims to work on building up the rural tourism sector in the village throughout a participative process that gathers the local community including the residents, the municipality members, the church representatives and various actors from the civil society and faithbased organizations. The goal of the report is to assess the prospects for rural tourism in the village and deliver an action plan to raise the village profile as an attractive destination for rural-tourism in Lebanon. On the long run, if successful, the project will affect a driving economic factor by creating new-employment opportunities: the family income.

Concept by
Qrayeh Local Working Group & Municipality
Expertise Strategy Design by
NAHNOO I Farah Makki
Participatory Research & Mapping
NAHNOO I Farah Makki in collaboration with Nour Makki & Qrayeh LWG
Supported by
Ministry of Social affairs
Funded by
UK aid