Our Garden is our Image

“Jnainetna, Souretna’ is a campaign created to develop public spaces in the city of Tyre, through the rehabilitation of the public park in the city.

Tyre’s public park … the city’s anticipated green paradise. “Jnainetna, Souretna” represents the future vision for the currently neglected garden, despite its essence as a fundamental need for the residents of the area and the neighborhood. Also, as a focal point to the city, the park is the refuge of those escaping the city’s noise and pollution.
It remains our garden, the garden for all the people, welcoming all kinds of diversity among people and nurturing their needs.
It’s ours, our public property and constitutional right. Thus, protecting and claiming it is our responsibility and a priority to strengthen our sense of belonging to the city. A reflection of the city, the park is the proof of the city’s beauty and richness.