Horsh Beirut-Harnessing Ecology and Infrastructure

This booklet is prepared by a team of consultants in urban design, urban planning, landscape architecture, green infrastructure, architecture, computational architecture and visual representation.

In 2020, the re-imagination of Horsh Beirut is one that is responsive to the myriad of challenges that the
city of Beirut faces today. In the process of compiling this project, Beirut underwent a revolution, a global pandemic, an economic recession, as well as an unimaginable explosion that destroyed half of the city. In the re-imagination of Horsh Beirut today, questions on resilience, climatic resilience, social equality, and emergency response are inevitable. We envision Horsh Beirut as an essential infrastructure to the city. We imagine Horsh Beirut (Pine Forest and Hippodrome) as growing beyond its fences and expanding into the neighborhoods as the Horsh Beirut Biosphere- a regenerative network that harnesses ecology as well as social, hydrological, and urban infrastructure.

Project credits

Elie Saad (Nahnoo, project coordinator)
Dima Rachid (project lead)
Leah Moukarzel (project lead)

Project Team

Aziz Barbar
Caline El Khoury
Christelle Nakhoul
Edmond-Mickel Rahmeh
Esmeralda Massaad
Ramy Abi Antoun
Rita Salameh
Victorio Boudiwan