From Tarik Jdideh to Horsh Beirut

This project aims at reviving the neighborhood’s connection with its public spaces and landmarks, particularly Horsh Beirut. This offers an opportunity to shed light on the neighborhood’s landmarks and history, and a chance to inform the general public about its intricate urban fabric.

Research team

Project design, implementation, and supervision.
Provided training in effective communication to the youth.

Naji Assi Architects
Project design, provided training on public spaces
to the youth and supervised their work.

Youth participants from Tariq El-Jdideh
Ibrahim Balhas, Elias Nassour, Ahmad Hashash, Ahmad Dandach, Mohammad Younis, Hussein Younis, Fadia Younis, Hanane Hamandi, Rami Hamandi, Joumana Hamandi, Rayane Abdallah, Zaher Houry, Ziad Dakroub, Abed Agha, Ali Hammoud, Fatima Ghaliyini, Lamis al-Aaraj, Lilyana Sakr, Maya Slim, Mohammad El Sheikh, Mohammad Damaj, Mohammad Saadeh, Mohammad Saifane, Mariam El Amine, Najia Agha, Nader Najjar, Youssef Agha, Tina Najia, Zeina Zamzam.