Horsh Beirut Competition

“A Community Participatory Visioning for Horsh Beirut”


As part of its efforts to reclaim public access to Horsh Beirut, and in line with its advocacy campaign to protect the site from all types of infringements, NAHNOO -in conjunction with POMED (Project on Middle-East Democracy) and BEIRUTIYAT, and under the patronage of the Order of Engineers and Architects (OEA) in Beirut, and in collaboration with the Urban Planners’ Association UPA, launched a competition to solicit alternative visions that would strengthen the role of Horsh Beirut as an inclusive public space.

Nahnoo invited students and professionals (architects, landscape and urban designers, planners and other related environmental and urban design disciplines) to submit proposals for research, design and planning projects to unlock the potential of Horsh Beirut as a shared inclusive public space that will generate a sustainable and pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

A Ceremony took place to announce the results of the competition at the “Blue Radisson” hotel on February 29th. Find below the announced prizes and the jury notes:

Caline EI Khoury -Victorio Bou Diwan -Edmond-Mickel Rahme

Ramy Abi Antoun -Rita Salameh -Esmeralda Massaad - Christelle Nakhoul

Dima Rachid -Lea Moukarzel -Aziz Barbar

Carine Khoury- Pascale Khoury

Marwa AL Dulaimi -Mariam Abdulal