The Coast for All

The advocacy campaign aims at amending the budget Law 64/2017, by adding a clause that “restricts the right to occupy the Maritime Public Domain of the Lebanese State only to take into account the requirements of national defense and the public interest”. Private individuals and companies must be prevented from occupying the coast and monopolizing its economic value.

Campaign Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive zoning plan of the beach, as well as local guidelines based on this plan for the Lebanese land arrangement, which respects and implements the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Protocol
  • Remove all violations at the entire coast
  • Update the delineation of the Maritime Public Domain
  • Update the decision 144/s on 1925, especially the issue of the formation of the marine public domain commission

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We advocate for the promotion of public spaces, accessible to all, which provide a place for those sharing Lebanon’s cities to come together regardless of their personal and social backgrounds. We believe that providing equal access to neutral public spaces fosters unity and encourages positive dialogue between different communities within Lebanese society.

Campaign Highlights

NAHNOO proposed a law amendment strengthening coastal protection against future violations

Nov 2021
Launching of the "The Coast for all" Campaign

June 2022
Launching of all violation maps for the Lebanese coastal line

Introducing the proposed law to the Parliament members to be adopted