Our Garden is our Image – Tyre

While most Lebanese cities lack an adequate share of green space, the Tyre Public Park is a 120,000 m² of free publicly accessible and outdoor venue for the population to enjoy. Nonetheless, this park has been neglected and poorly managed amid a large volume of infringements such as littering inside its premises, the illegal occupation of parts of it, and lack of maintenance by the municipality. This situation led the residents of the city to refrain from visiting.
Therefore NAHNOO established the Jnainetna, Souretna advocacy campaign with local youth to develop the public spaces in the city of Tyr, through the rehabilitation of this public park. A long-term plan to re-organize and maintain the Tyre Park was urgently needed for the people of the city of Tyre and the region given the health, social, environmental, and economic benefits of this public park.

  • The campaign moves towards this goal through the following actions:
    Developing an initial plan and designing the park taking into consideration the needs of the various groups that will be visiting the garden
  • Developing a sustainable plan for maintenance and attending to the garden
  • Developing a plan for the management and protection of the park (regulatory procedures, logistics, and security)
  • Restoring life to the garden through the organization of recreational, environmental, scout, cultural activities, and other initiatives inside the park
  • Raising awareness among citizens on the importance of this issue and its positive impact on the region

Campaign Goals

  • Provide the residents of Tyre with a safe, clean, and accessible park
  •  Prevention of illegal acts happening in the park
  • Promotion of social communication among residents and development of a sense of belonging and ownership
We advocate for the promotion of public spaces, accessible to all, which provide a place for those sharing Lebanon’s cities to come together regardless of their personal and social backgrounds. We believe that providing equal access to neutral public spaces fosters unity and encourages positive dialogue between different communities within Lebanese society.

Campaign Highlights

July 2013 - Feb 2014
Series of life skills and advocacy training workshops to 15 youth in Tyre

Mar 2014
Campaign publicly launched under the “Public Space, Public Life” program

May 2014
Carnival in Tyre Park to encourage the enjoyment of the space and promote social activities for the children

July 2014
Town Hall Meeting with members of Tyr municipality to discuss the condition of the park and the campaign’s demands, during which the Municipality claimed its support to the rehabilitation of the garden

A new urban design for the park commissioned by Tyre Municipality

Apr 2015
Public discussion to mobilize for the rehabilitation of Tyre Park

Oct 2015
Rally Paper competition in Tyre to introduce the importance of public spaces to the public

Dec 2017
NAHNOO’s guidelines presented to the Tyre Park limited-budget design

NAHNOO succeeded in convincing the municipality of Tyre to rehabilitate part of the park into a play area