Our Crafts, Our Identity

The campaign aims to empower the marginalized handicrafts workers in Lebanon to participate in policy reform to better address their rights, needs, and concerns, and enhance their social protection. The project is a step toward understanding the legal context these workers operate, to give them a voice, protect their craft, and improve their economic standing.

Campaign Objectives

  • Protect the intangible cultural heritage in Lebanon and between MENA while improving Civic and community engagement
  • Ensure Inclusive policies that protect marginalized handicrafts workers
We advocate for the promotion of public spaces, accessible to all, which provide a place for those sharing Lebanon’s cities to come together regardless of their personal and social backgrounds. We believe that providing equal access to neutral public spaces fosters unity and encourages positive dialogue between different communities within Lebanese society.

Campaign Highlights

Dec 2021
Launch the studies conducted by NAHNOO on the crafts sector

Nov 2021
Round table discussion of the law draft with the relevant stakeholders

Nov 2021
Develop a law to protect the crafts sector in Lebanon with the relevant stakeholders

June 2021
Conduct cultural and learning exchange trip to Jordan

March 2022
Official submission of the law to the Lebanese Parliament

March 2022
Launching of the campaign

April 2022
Public discussion on the proposed law to organize and develop the crafts sector in Lebanon