Municipalities Under the Spotlight

The municipal decisions are public information, and citizens have the right to access the information within them, as is stipulated in Articles 45, 55, and 76 of the Municipal Act. ‘Municipalities under the Spotlight’ is a campaign that focuses upon the promotion of transparency at the municipal level by publishing all municipal decisions online.

Campaign Goals

  • Calling for large municipalities to create their websites and publish all their decisions online, especially those finance-related.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of transparency in municipal work, what it involves, and the principle behind it.
  • Ensuring participatory governance that enables citizens to participate systematically in decision-making and public policy processes
We advocate for the promotion of public spaces, accessible to all, which provide a place for those sharing Lebanon’s cities to come together regardless of their personal and social backgrounds. We believe that providing equal access to neutral public spaces fosters unity and encourages positive dialogue between different communities within Lebanese society.

Campaign Highlights

Feb 2017
Campaign launched

Sept 2017
Directive all municipalities should comply with issued (by who?), highlighting the need for them to publicize their decisions and agendas.

Nov 2017
NAHNOO launches a large-scale media campaign about transparency in municipalities