Municipal Stadium

The Municipal Stadium “Mala’b Al Baladi” located in Tarik Jdide was built by the French. The stadium was done by 1940 and then finished up when they began using the stadium for games and activities. It was used by different groups for events, holiday prayers, celebrations, games, and different sports competitions. 

Despite its memorial and cultural importance the Beirut Municipality wanted to move the stadium to Horch Beirut and replace it with a multi-functional space and underground Parking area. The proposed project was presented without doing any study and without taking into consideration the different challenges and problems that will cause such as traffic congestion.    NAHNOO led a campaign “ليضل الملعب بلدي ” with the collaboration of Tarik El-Jdide residents to advocate against the decision of the municipality. Successfully, NAHNOO could stop the project.

Campaign Objectives

  • Developing a plan for the protection of the stadium
  • Raising awareness among citizens on the importance of the stadium
  • Highlighting the negative impact that might occur if the project was implemented
We advocate for the promotion of public spaces, accessible to all, which provide a place for those sharing Lebanon’s cities to come together regardless of their personal and social backgrounds. We believe that providing equal access to neutral public spaces fosters unity and encourages positive dialogue between different communities within Lebanese society.

Campaign Highlights

A series of workshop, mapping, and public discussion was done about the Stadium to develop an inclusive alternative vision

March 2018
NAHNOO co-organized and participated in the community led protest against the deterioration of the stadium

March 2018
The prime minister declared that The Municipal Stadium will be preserved

May 2018
NAHNOO a press conference was held to spotlight the importance of the stadium