Our Causes

Ramlet el Bayda

Ramlet Al-Baida Beach is the last strip of sandy beach accessible to the public in Beirut. However, three major issues hinder its sustainability and public access:

01.Pollution: Four sewage outlets are currently discharged into the sea.

02.Private ownership: 80{521c1e31dae41a41fb028b0d8b24fff768eadd629ac3360ca5ba4066413d05c8} of the beach is owned by private real-estate companies.

03.Maintenance: The absence of an integrated and all-inclusive sustainable urban design (what do you mean by this?)

“Bayda Ramletna” is an advocacy campaign that aims to rehabilitate Ramlet Al-Bayda Beach to its former glory and once again become the attractive and inclusive public space it once was.Read More

Ramlet Al-Bayda currently constitutes less than 10{521c1e31dae41a41fb028b0d8b24fff768eadd629ac3360ca5ba4066413d05c8} of Beirut’s seashore, and is the only ‘public’ sandy beach remaining in Beirut. However, today it is unsafe, polluted and much of the land has become private property. There are four pipes draining raw sewage and chemical pollutants into the sea along Ramlet Al-Bayda, causing the water to hugely exceed the World Health Organization’s maximum level of acceptable bacteria.Additionally, there is a notable lack of infrastructure and the beach itself is poorly maintained. There is no easy public access to the beach, a considerable lack of necessary infrastructure, inadequate monitoring and insufficient lighting. These factors make it difficult for the public to access. In recent years much of Ramlet Al-Bayda has become private property. However, this is against the law and detrimental to the social fabric of Beirut. According to Article 2 of Order 144, the first law outlining public access to the coast, stated the sea’s shores until the farthest area reached by waves during the winter, as well as the sand and rock shores belong to the public.’ Thus, the selling of parts of Ramlet Al-Bayda is in violation of this article. There is much speculation that the remaining area of public beach will also become a resort, inaccessible to those who currently use and rely upon it. Access to public spaces is of much societal importance. Such spaces, such as Ramlet Al-Bayda, provide neutral places for people from Beirut’s different communities to come together and bridge the gaps in Lebanese society.Read Less

Campaign Goals

01.Ensuring the public’s right to access a clean beach
02.Inventing and employing a comprehensive design and maintenance plan for the beach and its surrounding area
03.Providing a safe and clean environment for the visitors

Campaign Highlights

2014: Public launch of the campaign

2015: Media outcry prevents its closure to the public

July 2017: Ramlet el Bayda was put under study by the Municipality of Beirut

How to Build on the Sea?

Beirut on the sea?