Our Causes

Tyre Public Park is the only public park in the city of Tyre, and represents a place where the inhabitants of the city can come together to escape its noise and pollution. However, in recent decades it was allowed to become a wasteland, with a considerable amount of littering, and the occupation of parts of it.Read More

There is a long-term plan in place to rehabilitate Tyre Public Park in order to make it more accessible and attractive to the public. This, in turn, will promote mental and physical health, improve the environmental situation, foster social communication, create and nurture a sense of community and belonging, benefit economic growth and reduce the amount of illegal acts carried out there. Tyre is a world-renowned city, known for its beauty and history, and it is time to create a public park that reflects this and that the people of Tyre can use and can be proud of.  This will foster a sense of community amongst the inhabitants of Tyre, and aid in bridging the divides that exist with Lebanese society today through providing a shared, neutral space for different communities to come together.Read Less

Campaign Goals

01.The inhabitants of Tyre will be provided with a safe, clean and accessible park

Campaign Highlights

February 2014 campaign launched

Summer 2014 public discussions with members of the municipality to discuss the park

2015 public discussions with stakeholders of the city

2015 the municipality commissioned a new design for the park

November 2016 the municipality cleaned up

2017 Italian NGO and municipality worked together to build a play area within the park

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