Our Causes

Tarik el-Jdide is the most densely populated area of municipal Beirut. Like most areas in Beirut, there are hidden gems of architecture and culture in TEJ, but unlike Hamra and Gemmayze, this heritage is not promoted.Read More

Even though Horsh Beirut being across the street, TEJ residents might need to walk an extra kilometer or two to reach the main gate and enter the Horsh from near Tayouneh. Despite being an electoral stronghold, TEJ residents are subject to exclusion in terms of sustainable development in municipal Beirut, and are likely to relocate to other towns in the southern suburbs. TEJ is also an area that is subject to major construction projects, both private and public, that can have high and controversial impact on the whole area, and the residents of TEJ were never asked how do they imagine their neighborhood to be like.Read Less

Campaign Goals

Participatory approach in decision making in Tarik el Jdide

Preserve cultural heritage

Enhance and create public spaces

Link Tarik el Jdide to Horsh Beirut

Campaign Highlights

2015:NAHNOO administers mapping and communication workshops for youth in Tarik el Jdide, with emphasis on linking the neighborhood to Horsh Beirut

2016: We created a green path on Mekkawi street linking Horsh Beirut to TEJ, adding trees and benches (which were later confiscated by the capital’s municipality)

2017:NAHNOO launches participatory research e Tarik el Jdide

June 2017: NAHNOO holds successful public discussion “Reimagining Tarik el Jdide”, in collaboration with the municipality, with a high turnout from youth participants

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