Our Causes

The municipal decisions that are of a public nature are public information, and citizens have the right to access the information within them, as is stipulated in Articles 45, 55 and 76 of the Municipal Act. ‘Municipalities under the Spotlight’ is a campaign focused upon the promotion of transparency at the municipal level by publishing all municipal decisions online.Read More

Greater transparency of municipal work leads to greater accountability. The Internet, now accessible to the majority of Lebanese society, provides a modern, effective and accessibly platform for direct communication and information sharing between municipalities and the public that they represent and serve. The increased ease in accessing municipal decisions would, in turn, break down the current wall that exists between municipal workers and those they represent, encourage public engagement and allow people to become more active and politically conscious citizens. This would make elected officials more accountable and would urge them to deliver on their promises. This would foster a more inclusive and informed political environment across Lebanon.Read Less

Campaign Goals

–       Calling for large municipalities to create their own websites and publish all their decisions online, especially those finances-related.

–       Raising awareness of the importance of transparency in municipal work, what it involves and the principle behind it.

Campaign Highlights

– Feb 2017: campaign launched

– September 2017: directive all municipalities should comply with issued (by who?), highlighting the need for them to publicize their decisions and agendas.

– November 2017: NAHNOO launches a large-scale media campaign about transparency in municipalities

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