Our Causes

Lebanese Coast

We are slowly losing our coast, and since the Lebanese coast is closely tied to our historynot only we are losing major public spaces, but also we are being deprived of part of our heritage identity. According to an official report in 2012, there are more 1141 violations on the Lebanese coast, this number does not include many legalized violations, and new ones.Read More

Not to mention that less than 20{521c1e31dae41a41fb028b0d8b24fff768eadd629ac3360ca5ba4066413d05c8} of the coast is still open to the public, and even then, it might be polluted or not maintained well. NAHNOO aims to reclaim all the Lebanese coast and make it accessible, through spreading awareness about the importance of public beaches, laws regarding the coastal public properties, and through advocacy campaigns aiming to enhance what’s left of the coast, stop new violations, and reclaim what was stolen from us.Read Less

Campaign Goals

Protect the Lebanese coast from future violations

Reclaim the Lebanese coast and make it become safe, clean and accessible

Campaign Highlights

July 2017: Ramlet el Bayda was put under study by the Municipality of Beirut
November 2017: NAHNOO organizes an artistic carnival to protest against all the coastal violations, and publishes its of the violations on the Beirut coast

Beirut on the sea?